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Macross 7 Trash Vol. 01
Mikimoto, Haruhiko. Macross 7 Trash Vol.1. Tokyo: Kadokawa Comics Ace, 1995.

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Pg 174

From the comic version setting images
Explanation: Akatsuki

Shiva Team Costume
The garter that seem to wrap the sides of the body is for the defence against such things as the walls of the race course and the charging of opponents. The helmet originates in cycling matches.

Shiva Racing Air-blades
The race-use ones are somewhat larger than normal ones, and there are also ones that extend the wind as it has many verniers. Alas, the design hasn't been changed very much from normal ones...

Caption: side
Caption: bottom
Caption: rear


Pg 175

Enemy Team Costume
The costume is a carefree drawing as it's an enemy who isn't going to appear a second time. Even though the shoes are like F1 shoes, they must not take interest from Shiva's. The back is too simple...

Shiva's Normal Air-blades
As I had received roughs that were similar to ice-skating shoes at this stage of the order, the have a feeling of a jumble of things being affixed to them afterwards.

Caption: rear
Caption: side
Caption: bottom

Cemetery Ship
Although the image of one religion is strong, the cross shape was ordered as there aren't any other cemetery-like images. Which reminds me, even the initial design had a tugboat attached to it giving the whole thing a cross shape...

*This original story is based in the "Macross 7" TV series setting. A part of the comic version is a new setting received from Mr. Akatsuki.


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