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Theatrical Macross Frontier The False Diva Roman Album
Kawai, Hiroyuki et al, Official Complete Book - Theatrical Macross F ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~. Tokyo: Kadokawa Shoten, 2011.

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Pg 62

Mechanical File
The mechanical group of "The False Princes" are beautifully drawn CG and expand into the high-speed combat that is unique to Variable Fighters. In these pages, we would like you to carefully observe the details of such things as the minute details and forms that cannot be followed by the eye during the performance.

VF-25F Messiah
Aerospace use Tornado Pack Equipment The VF-25F, which Aruto boards and inherited from Gilliam, who was killed in action, when it is equipped with the aerospace Tornado Pack. The Tornado Pack adorned the VF-25F on Aruto's first battle, on the occasion of S.M.S.'s Macross Galaxy rescue mission. It's call sign is "Skull 4".

Even in Battroid form, it features extended main wings, as they are fixed in the Tornado Pack. The part that extend from the back like a tail is a power condenser cooling unit.

The Tornado Pack is equipped with 2 high-manoeuvrability verniers on each wing, 4 in total. The engine pods on the wingtips are rotary ones. In addition, it's also provisioned with micro-missile pods and the VF-25's manoeuvrability and firepower have been strengthened.

Enemies in the rear can also be attacked because the dorsal revolving beam turret can revolve in accordance to its name. The beam turret can be used in any form, and it is an exceedingly powerful armament.


Pg 63

VF-25G (Michel's craft)
It's call sign is "Skull 2". It is equipped with the Sniper Pack, which is composed of such things as an aircraft fixing anchor.

The head's main camera is a mono-eye type that has additional ultra-long-range functions. The VF-25G specializes in long-range shooting.

The Sniper Rifle is equipped on the underside of the fuselage, just like a normal gun pod.

Caption: The special equipment of the G model is the SSL-9B Dragunov Anti-Material Sniper Rifle.

The GERWALK form is able to steadily manoeuvre by hovering. It is particularly suited for high-speed manoeuvres within an atmosphere.

VF-25F (Aruto's craft)
Equipped with a Super Pack

Equipped with option packs for use outside of an atmosphere that have strengthened armour and fire power. Gilliam was using it during the story.

The head is a standard type, which is equipped with 2 laser machine-guns. It can be said that the VF-25F's features are a high all-purposefulness and that it treats pilots easily.

Both wings are equipped with large boosters. In addition to the standard equipment, an abundance of option packs that suit situations have been prepared.

RVF-25 (Luca's craft)
It's call-sign is "Skull 3". It's an aircraft that is furnished with a great number of radar, antenna and so on, and it specializes in electronic warfare.

The head, which is equipped with a high-power sensor is greatly different from that of the other VF-25 airframes. It is equipped with antennas on the sides and doesn't have a laser machine-gun.

The RVF-25 is normally equipped with the Aegis Pack Kai, and it's greatest feature is it's dorsal radome.

Due to it's main roles of search operations and analysis of the battlefield, it's combat armaments haven't particularly changed compared to the other VF-25 airframes.

VF-25S (Ozuma's craft)
Armour Pack Equipment

A heavy armour and great-firepower option that's exceeds the Super Pack. It's equipment that only squadron leader class craft have permission to use.

The whole body is equipped with all sorts of missiles and beam guns. In order to compensate for the rate of weight increase, the boosters have also been made even more gigantic.

Even though it has heavy armaments, it can transform into each form without problem.

The call-sign of Ozuma's craft is "Skull 1". His control is light, even though it's an armour equipped aircraft.

Caption: The shape of the manipulators are common across all the VF-25 airframes.


Pg 64

Macross Quarter
The attack carrier that is the flagship of S.M.S.. Even though its size is approximately 1/4 that of the existing Macross classes, the manoeuvrability of that size of ship is superior to the existing Macross ships. It's speciality are tactics where it charges at the target at high speed, transforms to Strengthened Attack form, and carries out hand-to-hand attacks.

The Strengthened Attack form that's equivalent to a Valkyrie's Battroid form. Because it's petite as a battleship, it's manoeuvrability far surpasses that of the existing Macross classes.

The port side is equipped with a flight deck for ship-borne craft, and the starboard side has the Macross Cannon, the ship's strongest weapon. On the defensive side, the ship is equipped with a pinpoint barrier.

Caption: The cannons that are installed in such places as in front of the bridge. They boast of the power to sink a Vajra Destroyer with a single strike.


Pg 65

VB-6 Konig Monster
The Variable Bomber that Kanaria operates. It's gigantic airframe that overwhelms the VF-25 and is endowed with a marvellous offensive ability that corresponds to its size.

The theatrical version has Sheryl nose art.


The GERWALK form closely resembles the Destroid Monster. The gigantic long-range rail cannons on the back are basically used in this form.

Kwadoran Rea [Queadluun-Rhea] (Klan's craft)
The red colouring is the feature of Klan's personal craft. It is an improved version of the Kwadoran-Roh [Queadluun-Rau] and the descendants of the Zentraadi prefer to use it.

Caption: The main armaments are such things as the laser pulse guns in both arms and the left shoulder's beam cannon. It's manoeuvrability also isn't inferior to that of the VF-25.

VF-27 Lucifer
A state of the art craft developed by the Macross Galaxy Fleet. Mechanized soldiers like Burera are required to board it.

A beam gun pod that's longer than the battroid mode's height is the standard armament. An assault knife is stored within the left arm's shield.

The VF-27 can independently overcome fold faults if it uses the optional Super Fold Booster. Because the VF-27 was developed based on the VF-24, just like the VF-25, there are often numerous similar points in a variety of mechanisms in the VF-25 and VF-27.


VF-171 Nightmare Plus
The VF-171 is equipped with active stealth and a pinpoint barrier. It is the VF-17's successor craft. A great number of them are deployed as the New Unified Forces' main fighter.

Even though the VF-171 is thinner than the VF-17, such things as the defensive capabilities are strengthened.

Flight within an atmosphere has also been taken into account, and an improvement in the VF-171's aerodynamic characteristics has been attempted.

The stability of the aircraft itself is high, and it's said that it treats even ordinary pilots easily.


Pg 66

Vajra (Mantis Type)
Even among the Vajra that penetrated into Island 1, the Hound Vajra is a particularly large individual. It's appearance is like a mantis, featuring gigantic wings and sickle-shaped arms. Even though it tried to take Ranka away in it's abdomen after capturing her, it's intentions are unknown.

Caption: It has 4 large wings that are suitable to support it's large build. It's thought to have a flight speed at the same level as the VF-25.

Caption: The sharp-shaped head. One receives an impression that the Hound Vajra is more aggressive than the other Vajra.

Caption: The abdomen that held Ranka. It is covered with a transparent film and it is possible to peek into the inside from the outside.

Caption: The four legs are long and thin. Even though it was flying the majority of the time in the movie, it's appearance when it's legs are on the ground seems to be exactly like that of a mantis.

Vajra Destroyer
An individual of the Destroyer class that attacked the Macross Galaxy Fleet. A considerable number appear with the Vajra Battleship, and they chased after the refugee ships.

Caption: They don't appear to have a crew, and each one appears to be an individual creature.

Caption: The characteristic Vajra pattern can be seen in various places in the overall slender form.

Caption: There are sharp rams on the whole surface, and gun ports exist here and there.

Caption: Even though such things as the defensive capabilities aren't known, there were also Vajra Destroyers that were sunk due to VB-6 fusillades.

Caption: The destroyers advance in order to defend the Vajra Battleship, and they incessantly attacked.


Pg 67

Vajra Battleship
The battleship type is the largest class of individual in the large Vajra herd that attacked the Macross Galaxy Fleet. It seems to have played the role of flagship.

Caption: In spite of it having a mechanical impression and being huger than the destroyer, it is still an individual Vajra.

Caption: It destroyed the 3 refugee ships that were on the verge of taking refuge in the [Macross Frontier's] safety zone with a single blow. Not only it's offensive capability, but it's aiming seems to be incredibly accurate.

Caption: Compared to the entire surface, the rear is softer to attacks, and the battleship was defeated when the Macross Quarter chose the back as the place to drive a killing blow into it.

Caption: The Battleship seems to have been strong against attacks from the outside, to the extent that it was undamaged even after being struck by the Battle Frontier's Macross Cannon.


Pg 68

Frontier Backgrounds
In the theatrical edition, which is to be seen on the big screen, the depiction of the background is one of the elements that cannot be overlooked. Even in unconcerned scenes, the backgrounds are drawn packed with details. The world view of "~The False Diva~" is observed more deeply.

Super Dimensional Restaurant "Nyan-nyan"
A well established restaurant that stretches out from the store that was inside the SDF-1 Macross. Ranka, before she became an idol, had a part-time job here, and she made a delivery to Aruto et al.

Shopping Street The scenery around the shopping street with "Nyan-nyan". A large objet d'art, with "trail-blazing" written on it, is very impressive in the shopping street.

The entrance of "Nyan-nyan" is truly that of a Chinese shop. Such parts don't seem to have greatly changed even in 2059 A.D..

Ranka's Home
The house where Ozuma lives with Ranka. It seems to be fairly large for the circumstances of the two. Ranka met Ai-kun on the stairs in front of the entrance.

The house's splendid exterior, that also has an automobile garage. The entrance is at the top of the stairs. The house appears to have been built midway along a gently slopping street.

Dining Room
The dining room where Ozuma watched TV. At the far end is the kitchen, and it is from here that Ranka threw the dishes [at Ozuma].

Mihoshi Academy
Frontier's foremost specialist training school, where Aruto et al attend. It is on a hill and a VF-1 adorns the school building.

The school building features a shape that is considered to have imitated the SDF-1. The rooftop sections that project forward are catapults.

The pilot training space. It's possible to take off into the sky from here if one is equipped with EX-Gear.


Pg 69

Night View
The night view of Island 1 with it's beautiful city lights. What was Grace thinking when she stood on the rooftop of a hotel and gazed at the view...?

The Streets of Island 1 The streets of Frontier have reproduced the Earth of the 1980's. There are various areas, such as Shibuya and San Francisco, and the atmosphere also differs in each area.

Panoramic View of the Buildings
With such things as buildings and signboards, it has an atmosphere that seems like you've seen it before. The mark of Dainamu is also included... doesn't it look like a mark you've seen before?

Deep Akihabara
It's read as "Deep Akiba". Is "deep" about the land, or one's hobby...? Ranka sang here to advertise Dainamu's Chougoukin toys.

The Natto Counter
A place that seems to be the product exhibition section of a department store that could be anywhere. Ranka's appearance is that of a cartoon-character costume, and even though she was selling Starlight Natto here, the customers kept leaving for other retailers...

Panoramic View of the Sales Floor
In addition to natto, such things as Galaxy Spongecake and kiritanpo appear to have been sold in the section. Why is there a dark shadow only in the area of Ranka?


Pg 70

Seido Hall [Star Way Pavilion]
The place where Sheryl, who had come aboard the Frontier ship, performed her first live concert. Even though the number of people it can seat seems to be quite many, Sheryl appears to be popular as the tickets were sold out instantly.

Compared with the surrounding buildings, it's clear that the Seido Hall is pretty large. On the very day of the live performance, both the inside and outside of the venue was packed with a great number of spectators.

There are seats up to the third floor, and they are arranged in order to surround the central stage.

The catwalk in the ceiling that connects the center to the edges. Its the place where Sheryl and Aruto conversed.


Pg 71

"Universal Bunny"'s Performance
The floor of the stage floats, and the appearance of a great number of cogwheels produces a great impact. With the keywords "rabbit" and "clock", one is reminded of "Alice in Wonderland".

Clock Objet D'art
Of course a cogwheel revolves around the circumference of the elaborately built Objet D'art. Although there aren't any clock-hands in the space that seems to be the surface of the clock, there seems to be some on the parts above that surface.

Backing Dancers
They are clockwork (?)* dancers. They perform a dance together with Sheryl.

There are countless glittering golden cogwheels. Together with the backing dancers, they produce a fantastic space.

"Welcom To My FanClub's Night!"'s Performance*
An aeriel performance that was arranged near the ceiling. From here, Aruto et al participated in the performance, and they greatly stirred up the audience with a magnificent formation flight.

Caption: The footing is extremely narrow, and it seems like its a considerably dangerous place to even stand. Still, Sheryl, who sings majestically there, is absolutely a pro.

*Translator's note: (?) and typo courtesy of the source material.


Pg 72

The Bay Shore Live Performance Venue
The place where Sheryl held the revenge live performance following the performance in the Seido Hall, which was ruined by the Vajra. However, here, too, a large flock of Vajra also...

The Entire Venue
Seats installed in the harbour face the sea, and it becomes clear how considerably vast the space is.

The Pier
Ranka, who sensed that she is the target of the Vajra, ran on the wharf as a decoy.

Back Stage in the Sea
It's the place that Aruto headed toward to meet Sheryl immediately before the live performance. Ozuma and Kathy also concealed themselves there.


Pg 73

The Concert Ship
The gigantic stage that gradually advancing toward the sea, at the same time as the cheer "listen to my song!" went up. Although at first glance it appears to also be a factory, when the sails are unfurled, it's easily realized that it's a ship.

Without the Sails
There are stages both in the front and rear. Sheryl moved by running between them.

When the Sails are Unfurled
A lot of sails are unfurled in all directions. All of the sails are screens.


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