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By AARON SKETCHLEY ( 2017.04.16 Ver 3.8


The terminology that appears in Sketchly's Translations are rendered as faithfully to the original source text as possible. I encourage others to use the following terminology in their translations and dialogue on the material for accuracy and consistency.

As Sketchley's Translations is a translation from Japanese to English, ficticious terminology and names are romanized into English using Hepburn Romanization.
Please keep in mind that the romanization of terms from Zentraadi (or other fictional language) is outside of the purview of Sketchley Translations, and they are only being included in the following for the reader's clarification.

Entries are listed with the English translation, original Japanese word and some, all or none of the following:

Jp: Japanese text
Alt: Alternative terms, and why one term is used and not another (if applicable).
Form: formerly used or superseded terms
Err: erroneous terms that are either bad or wrong translations.
Zen: the Zentraadi (or other fictional language) Romanization of the term.

This page is geared more towards disambiguation than providing definitions, due to the volume of terms. Please refer to the Macross Chronicle Glossary pages for the definitions of the majority of the terms.

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  • Air Battle Pod
    Jp: 空戦ポッド; Alt: Dogfight Pod; Form: Fighter Pod; Zen: Gnerl
  • Alien Life Research Institute
    Jp: 異星生物研究所
  • Altira
    Jp: アルティラ; Form: Arutira
  • Anti-Unification Alliance
    Jp: 反統合同盟; Alt: AUA; Form: Anti-UN; Err: AUN
  • Auerstädt
    Jp: アウエルシュテット; Alt: Auerstadt; Form: Auerushutetto
  • Autre Mauer
    Jp: オートルマウワー;
  • Az-130a Panzerzorene
    Jp: Az-130A バンツァーゾルン; Form: Pantsaazorun; Err: Panzarsoln
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  • Bird Man
    Jp: 鳥の人; Alt: Tori No Hito
  • Boat of the Alusu
    Jp: アルスの舟; Alt: Boat/Ship of Alus/Alusu
  • Buritai Kuridaniku
    Jp: ブリタイ・クリダニク; Zen: Vrlitwhai Kridanik
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  • Canaria Berstein
    Jp: カナリア・ベルシュタイン;
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  • Dancing Skull
    Jp: ダンシングスカル; Err: Dancing Skulls
  • Darfim
    Jp: ダルフィム; Form: Darufimu
  • Dimension Fault
    Jp: 次元断層
    A Fold Fault that interferes in the physical dimension. Manifested by the Vajra Queen.
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  • Ehvil Series
    Jp: エビル・シリーズ; Alt: Ebiru, Eh-bil, Eh-vil; Err: Evil
  • Eiphos
    Jp: エイフォス; Form: Eifos; Err: Aephos
  • Emigrant*
    Jp: 移民; Alt: Immigrant; Err: colonist.
  • Emigrant Fleet*
    Jp: 移民船団; Alt: Immigrant Fleet, Emigration Fleet, Immigration Fleet; Err: Colonization Fleet, Colonization Mission
  • Emigrant Planet*
    Jp: 移民惑星; Alt: Immigrant Plant; Err: Colony
  • Emigrant Ship*
    Jp: 移民船; Alt: Immigrant Ship; Err: Colony Ship, Colonization Ship
  • Environment Ship
    Jp: 環境艦; Err: Ecosystem Ship
  • Excegran Gilli
    Jp: エクセグラン・ジリ; Form: Ekuseguran Jiri
  • Exsedor Formo
    Jp: エキセドル・フォルモ; Form: Ekisedoru Forumo; Zen: Exsedol Folmo
  • * Emigrant is used because the people have left one place, and are en route to another, but the majority don't know where they're going when the start the journey.



  • Fold Carbon
  • Fold Fault
    Jp: フォールド断層; Alt: Fold Rift/Dislocation
  • Fold Navigation
    Jp: フォールド航行; Form: Fold Cruise/Cruising
  • Fold Ore
  • Fold Quartz
    Jp: フォールド・クォーツ
  • Furubusu Barensu Class
    Jp: フルブス・バレンス級; Zen: Fulbtzs-Berrentzs Class
  • FBz-99G Zaubergeran
    Jp: FBz-99G ザウバーゲラン; Form: Zaubaageran; Err: Saubergeran
  • Fz-109 Elgerzorn
    Jp: Fz-109エルガーゾルン; Alt: Elgazorn, Erugaazorun; Err: Elgerzorene
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  • Galactic Age of Exploration
    Jp: 銀河大航海時代; Alt: Galactic Age of Discovery
  • Gaul 4
    Jp: ガリア4; Err: Garia 4, Gallia 4
  • Goru Bodoruzā
    Jp: ゴル・ボドルザー; Alt: Gol/Gor Bodoruzaa; Form: Gor/Gol Boldoza; Zen: Golg Boddole Zer
    From DYRL. Refers to both the Mobile Fortress, and the Living Command Computer inside it.
  • Gorugu Gantsu
    Jp: ゴルグ・ガンツ砲; Alt: Gorugu Ganz; Form: Golg Gants
    Refers to the Main Gun on the Goru Bodoruzā Mobile Fortress (not the Heavy Attacker Mobile Weapon).
  • Gravity Control System
    Jp: 重力制御システム; Err: Anti-Gravity System
  • Gurāji
    Jp: クラ―ジ; Zen: Glaug
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  • Heavy Attack Aircraft
    Jp:重攻撃機; Zen: Golg Gants Charts
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  • Ionesco City
    Jp: イヨネスコ・シティ; Err: Lonesco City
  • The First Interstellar War
    Jp: 第一次星間大戦; Alt: Interstellar War 1; Form: Space War I, SWI
  • Inspection Forces
    Jp: 監察軍; Form: Inspection Army, Supervision Forces/Army
  • Interstellar Republic
    Jp: 星間共和国; Form: Stellar Republic
  • ISC
    Jp: ISC
    Inertia Store Converter.
  • Itsutsubishi
    Jp: 五菱; Form: Gobishi; err: Itsubishi
    Itsutsubishi is an allusion to Mitsubishi.
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  • Jan Neumann
    Jp: ヤン・ノイマン; Err: Yan Newman
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  • Kabagyu
    Jp: カバ牛; Alt: Hippocow
  • Kaitosu
    Jp: カイトス; Form: Kaitos
  • Khar-Tune Plaza
    Jp: カルチューンプラザ;
  • Kamjin Kraveshera
    Jp: カムジン・クラヴェシェラ; Form: Kamujin; Zen: Quamzin Kravshera
  • Katasumi Park
    Jp: カタスミ・パーク; Form: Corner Park
    A park in City 7.
  • Keadouru Magudomira
    Jp: ケアドウル・マグドミラ; Zen: Queadol-Magdomilla
  • Kerukaria
    Jp: ケルカリア; Zen: Boquomouxy Quel-Quallie
  • Kim Kabirov
    Jp: キム・キャビロフ; Form: Kabirof
  • Kirutora Kerueeru
    Jp: キルトラ・ケルエール; Zen: Quitra Queleual
  • Konda Buromuko
    Jp: コンダ・ブロムコ; Form: Konda Bromco
  • Kuran Kuran
    Jp: クラン・クラン; Form: Klan Klan; Err: Klan Klang
  • Kurore
    Jp: クロレ; Form: Chlore
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  • Lactence
    Jp: ラクテンス; Form: Rakutensu, Raktense, Lakutensu, Laktence
  • L.A.I. Co.
    Jp: L.A.I社; Alt: L.A.I.; Form: LAI
  • Rapu Ramizu
    Jp: ラプ・ラミズ; Alt: Rap/Lap Lamizu; Zen: Laplamiz
    I generally use this romanization for the TV series version of the character.
  • Laramia Lerenia
    Jp: ララミア・レレニア; Alt: Raramia Rerenia
  • Large Descent Pod
    Jp: 大型降下ポッド; Form: Landing Pod
  • Long-Range Medium Gunship
    Jp: 長射程中型砲艦; Form: Supervision Gun Destroyer
  • Lost Zentrādi
    Jp: はぐれゼントラーディ; Alt: Lost Zentraadi; Form: Rogue Zentraadi
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  • Macross Cannon
    Jp: マクロス・キャノン
    The nickname for the main guns on the Macross ships.
  • Macross-Cannon
    Jp: マクロスキャノン
    The 6,000 m Ultra-Gigantic Gunships built from Zentraadi ships in MII.
  • Mankind Seeding Plan
    Jp: 人類播種計画; Alt: Humankind/Mankind Sowing/Seeding Plan/Project
  • Marduk
    Jp: マルドゥーク; Form: Mardook
  • Mariafokina Barnrose
    Jp: マリアフォキナ・バンローズ; Form: Marinafokina Banrose
  • Maximilian Jiinasu
    Jp: マクシミリアン・ジーナス; Alt: Max Jiinasu; Form: Jeinus
  • MDE Shell
    Jp: MDE弾; Form: MDE Bullet/Warhead
    MDE = Micro-Dimension Eater
  • The Mankind Protoculture Interference Hypothesis
    Jp: 人類プロトカルチャー干渉仮説; Alt: Humankind Protoculture Intervention Supposition
  • Medium Gunship
    Jp: 中型砲艦; Form: Zentradi Gun Destroyer
  • Meltran
    Jp: メルトラン
  • Meltrandi
    Jp: メルトランディ; Form: Meltraandi
  • Mook
    Jp: ムック
    Half-magazine, half-book. A publication that has characteristics that unite a magazine and a book.
  • Moruku Rapuramizu
    Jp: モルク・ラプラミズ; Alt: Lapulamizu; Form: Moruku Laplamizu; Zen: Moruk Laplamiz
  • My-clone
    Jp: マイクローン; Form: Miclone
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  • Nature Regeneration Plan
    Jp: 自然再生計画
  • Neo-Gurāji
    Jp: ネオ・グラージ; Alt: Neo-Guraaji; Zen: Neo-Glaug
  • Nene Nohra
    Jp: ネネ・ノーラ; Err: Nene Nora
  • Neo Noputi-Baganisu Bis
    Jp: ネオ・ノプティ・バガニス Bis; Zen: Neo Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis
  • New Earth Unified Government
    Jp: 新地球統合政府; Err: New UN/Unity Government
    Founded in May, 2010, superseeding the Unified Government.
  • New Unified Forces
    Jp: 新統合軍; Err: New UN/Unity Forces/Army
    Reorganization of the Unified Forces. Activie from Macross Frontier.
  • New World
    Jp: 新天地
  • Noputi-Baganisu
    Jp: ノプティ・バガニス; Zen: Nupetiet-Vergnitzs
  • Nuujadel-Gaa
    Jp: ヌージャデル・ガー; Zen: Nousjadeul-Ger
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  • OTEC Co.
    Jp: オッテック社; Alt: OTEC, Form: Otech (Co.)
    Jp: オクトス; Form: Okutosu
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  • Pheyos Valkyrie
    Jp: フェイオス・バルキリー; Alt: Enemy Valkyrie, Form: Feyos Valkyrie
  • Planet Rax
    Jp: 惑星ラクス; Form: Planet Rakusu
  • Protodevilun
    Jp: プロトデビルン; Alt: Protodebirun, Form: Protodeviln
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  • Quadoran-Kiruka
    Jp: クァドラン・キルカ; Zen: Queadluun-Quilqua
  • Quadoran-Rhea
    Jp: クァドラン・レア; Form: Quadlunn-Rea; Zen: Queadluun-Rhea
  • Quadoran-Roh
    Jp: クァドラン・ロー; Zen: Queadluun-Rau
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  • Rex
    Jp: レックス; For: Rekusu
  • Reaction Warhead
    Jp: 反応弾; Alt: Reaction Bomb, Err: Reaction Bullet
  • Research Experiment Ship Einstein
    Jp: 研究実験艦アインシュタイン
  • Research Fleet
    Jp: 調査船団; Form: Investigation Fleet
  • Riber Von Fruhling
    Jp: ライバー・フォン・フリューリンク;
  • Richard Birla
    Jp: リチャード・ビルラー; Form: Richard Biruraa
  • Rigādo Battle Pod
    Jp: リガード戦闘ポッド; Alt: Rigaado Battle Pod; Zen: Regult Battle Pod
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  • Sara Base
    Jp: サラ基地; Err: Sera Base
  • Short Range Emigration Fleet
    Jp: 近距離移民船団; Alt: Short Range Immigration Fleet, Close Range Emigration/Immigration Fleet; Err: Short Range Colonization Fleet, Short Range Colonization Mission, Colonization Fleet
  • Silvie Geena
    Jp: シルビー・ジーナ; Form: Silvie Jiina
  • Spiritia
    Jp: スピリチア; Err: Supirichia
  • Stephan
    Jp: ステファン; Form: Stefan
  • Storming Love Heart
    Jp: 突撃ラブハート; Err: Storming Love Hurt
  • Super Long Range Emigration Fleet
    Jp: 超長距離移民船団; Alt: Super Long Range Immigration Fleet; Err: Super Long Range Colonization Fleet, Super Long Range Colonization Mission, Colonization Fleet
  • Suvāru Saran
    Jp: スヴァール・サラン; Alt: Suvaaru Salan; Zen: Thuverl Salan
  • Sybil
    Jp: シビル; Form: Sybiru, Sivil
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  • Tenkuumon
    Jp: 天空門; Alt: Sky Gate
    A multipurpose concert auditorium constructed within Island 1, one of the ships in the Macross Frontier Fleet.
  • Trad City
    Jp: トラッド・シティ; Err: Toraddo City
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  • United Nations
    Jp: 国連; Form: UN*
    Superseded by the Unified Government in Feb., 2001.
  • Unified Ground Forces
    Jp: ; Alt: UNA*; Err: UN/Unity Army/Ground Forces
  • Unified Air Force
    Jp: ; Alt: UNAF*; Err: UN/Unity Air Force
  • Unified Government
    Jp: 統合政府; Form: Integrated/Union/Merged Government; Err: UN Government
  • (Earth) Unified Forces
    Jp: (地球)統合軍; Alt: Integrated/Union/Merged Forces; Err: UN Army/Forces
  • Unified Naval Force
    Jp: ; Alt: UNN*; Err: UN Navy
  • Unified Space Force
    Jp: 統合宇宙軍; Alt: UNS*, Integrated/United/Merged Space Army/Forces; Err: UN Space Forces/Army
  • Unified Space Marines
    Jp: ;
    alt: UNSM*; Err: UN Space Marines
  • Unification War
    Jp: 統合戦争; Alt: Integration/Union/Merger War; Err: UN War/Wars
  • * Due to the potential confusion between the real world use of UN (= United Nations) and the Macross use of UNS (= Unified Space Forces) and so on, I have adopted the policy of not using the acronyms and writing the terms out long form, despite their appearance in Macross materials. I strongly suggest others adopt a similar policy due to the potential confusion.



  • Vajra
    Jp: バジュラ
  • Variable Attacker
    Jp: 可変攻撃機; Alt: VA
  • Variable Bomber
    Jp: 可変爆撃機; Alt: VB
  • Variable Elint
    Jp: 可変エリント; Alt: VE
  • Variable Gurāji
    Jp: バリアブル・グラージ; Alt: Variable Guraaji; Zen: Variable Glaug
  • Vinderance
    Jp: ビンディランス
  • Variable Fighter
    Jp: 可変戦闘機; Alt: VF
  • Varohta
    Jp: バロータ; Form: Varoota, Barohta
  • Vihiida Fiizu
    Jp: ビヒーダ・フィーズ; Form: Viheeda Feez; Zen: Veffidas Feaze
  • V type Infectious Disease
    Jp: V型感染症
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  • Yocchan
    Jp: ヨッちゃん; Alt: Yot-chan, Yotchan
  • Yuuri Yui
    Jp: ユーリ・ユイ; Form: Yuri Yui
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  • Zentrādi
    Jp: ゼントラーディ; Alt: Zentraadi, Zentradi; Err: Zentraedi, Zentrady; Zen: Zjentohlauedy
  • Zentoran
    Jp: ゼントラン; Alt: Zentran
  • Zolan
    Jp: 惑星ゾラの人
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